tirsdag 25. februar 2020

Edel Lemvik perser med to 8a-bestigninger

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Bon Viatge ~ 8a (5th) El latido del miego ~ 8a (2nd) . Tried on my first 8a ever on saturday (bon viatge)! I really liked the route, found a good flow and felt very comfortable on it. Came really close to sending it third go, everything went super smooth and I didn’t really feel tired or pumped, I felt like I had full control at the crux, but my foot slipped.. Got reeaally really mad and frustrated. Tried it again the next (and last) day, and finally sent it!! . Tried on another 8a (el latido del miego) just for fun later that day. The route was super cool and felt kind of possible so I decided to give it another try just before leaving, and ended up topping it!! Suuper happy, and such a good way to end this trip!! It couldn’t have been any better, already looking forward to the next one @emmastover @sunniva_ovre @roarforris ❤️ . Thankyouuu @henning_wang_ for coming here and taking some amazing pictures!!😍 and @sunniva.ovre for the last one🥰 . Also found out that skwama works really well on rock too! @lasportivanorge @teamlasportivanorge @edelweisnorge #lasportivanorge #edelweis #teamlasportivanorge
Et innlegg delt av Edel ♥︎ (@edel_lemvik)

15 år gamle Edel Lemvik fra Bryne har tatt steget fra en av de beste konkurranseklatrerne i juniorklassen til en god uteklatrer. I vinterferien har hun gjort to bestigninger av grad 8a (norsk grad 9-) i Terradets i Spania. Hun var på tur med flere, blant annet Sunniva Øvre-Eide som også gjorde to ruter på samme grad. Mens der Sunniva er en dreven ruteklatrer med bestigninger opp til grad 8a+, så har Edel i større grad vært innklatrer.

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